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Getting results...
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...and our fitness coaches won't leave you there! With CrossFit GPS, we will guide you through every step of the way. Keep reading...

We believe that every movement, strength and result from our training should be a direct, practical benefit to you for your lifestyle. The CrossFit method of training, being broad, general and inclusive, speaks to our capacity to adapt toward fitness in a safe and natural way. Any weakness may result in lose of game, mission, or life.

...and the results have been amazing, when you follow this method.

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I just made that one step much easier. Are you ready to take that step? Are you ready to move forward and beyond your goals?

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"What good is deadlifting 300+lbs. if you can't
pick-up your son or daughter, or walk a mile?"

With Evolve Into Fitness you focus on obtaining proficiency at skills that develop the "10 General Physical Skills of Fitness"

  • Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance
  • stamina
  • strength
  • flexibility
  • power
  • speed
  • coordination
  • agility
  • balance
  • accuracy

If you are looking for one or more of these things call me right now! ...or email me to schedule a free consultation. Click here for your Free Consultation and workout!

The "10 General Physical Skills of Fitness" prepare you for the unpredictable aspects of your game, mission, or life."

Keep reading...

The path to developing these skills is covered in great fitness rewards. There is much fitness and health improvement in working toward a goal, lets say, of completing one pull-up, even if the pull-up is never reached.

With a varied and random use of calisthenics, weight lifting, power lifting and track and field movements and a strict observation of proper nutrition Anthony will help you achieve realistic goals in body composition, strength, and exuberance!

Now are you ready to move forward and beyond your goals? This is for a limited time only!

Decide and do...

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Focus on Results!

"Anthony is focused on strictness of form in any exercise that we perform.  In doing so we have learned proper attitude and body awareness while exercising or competing, thereby improving performance and preventing injury."
- Steve

"I have worked with many trainers over the years, but Anthony is definitely the best I have worked with. He is focused on his client throughout the session. He is nonjudgmental when you've had a bad week eating/working out. He also will really push you to reach your goals."
- Jane

"A year ago I would have used the words overweight, out of shape and sluggish to describe me and my husband, Steve. We had already changed our eating habits and joined a gym, but still did not see any results. It was very disheartening. Then we met Anthony. His professionalism, knowledge, perseverance and attitude helped us meet and achieve goals we never would have thought possible.
For the longest time Steve was suffering with an injured rotator cuff and had limited mobility in his left arm. The simple act of putting on his coat or reaching upward caused him a considerable amount of pain. The probability of surgery was looming. In just a few short months of working with Anthony, Steve and his orthopedic specialist have noticed an increased improvement in his mobility and the lessening of pain. Surgery is being put off for the time being."

"Anthony took the time to get to know our lifestyle. He them formulated a plan that worked distinctly for us, not some cookie-cutter program that we had to adjust to. He wove exercises into our daily lives in ways that were convenient and made sense for us. Anthony rooted us on and cheered every accomplishment. He was confident that we could do it when we were not, and in turn we became confident too."

"The nutritional guidance provided by Anthony helped us understand how certain foods work together and slowly, but surely, the pounds started to disappear. To date I am 25 pounds lighter, Steve 10, and our energy levels have increased. We both have seen an improvement in overall flexibility and stamina."

"To say Anthony changed our lives may sound a bit over the top and slightly dramatic, but he did. We are both healthier and happier than we have been in a long time. Steve and I have gone back to enjoying activities we gave up long ago because we just couldn't do them anymore and lost interest. For this we cannot thank him enough!"
- Camille and Steve

I bring to you everything you need to succeed through affordable professional fitness coaching, conveniently at your home or my location!

There is no reason you can't start today...

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"Learn, Practice, Challenge, Play!"

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Individual and Group
Fitness Coaching

Achieving your fitness goals is a wonderfully rewarding experience that takes unwavering commitment, determination, resolve, and the right start.

Evolve Into Fitness will motivate you to maintain the proper attitude toward the life changing path you are about to embark on. We know this environment will support your success. Anthony has everything you need to succeed, whether you want to get stronger, increase performance, reach your ideal body weight, or get energized!

Are you ready to get your energy back and reach life long weight loss goals?

Speak to me personally to schedule your consult and workout. I will help you become the best you can be!
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